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If you are one of the fortunate few, you may have never needed to have a tooth extracted. Or, maybe your experience with tooth extractions only goes as far as getting your wisdom teeth removed. Whatever your history with extractions, our team at Jarrell Family Dentistry wants to assure you that getting a tooth removed by a dentist is not as uncomfortable as it may sound. No matter what the reason is, tooth extraction is a low-risk procedure that can be done quickly and with minimal pain. The recovery process after a tooth extraction is also very simple.

Jarrell Family Dentistry can perform many extractions in our office, but if necessary, we may refer you to an oral surgeon in our area.

The Recovery Process

Recovery from a tooth extraction is usually simple. The dentist or oral surgeon will talk to you about your post-surgical care and will also send you home with instructions for keeping the extraction site clean. They may also recommend foods that won’t irritate the area or cause more pain and inflammation. While having a tooth pulled doesn’t typically cause excess bleeding, some patients will need to use gauze over the area for a bit after the procedure.

If needed or requested, the dentist or oral surgeon might prescribe medicine to give some relief in the days following the procedure. In most cases, patients can take ibuprofen or Tylenol to relieve any discomfort they may be feeling. The gums should fully heal in a matter of weeks, as long as the site is kept clean. If it was an adult tooth that was extracted, you may be considering restorative or cosmetic dentistry to replace the missing tooth. Once healed, talk with us or learn more about cosmetic dentistry options.

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Jarrell Family Dentistry is a modern, family-focused dental office in Jarrell, Texas. If you are experiencing emergency dental pain and think you might need a tooth extracted, contact us and we can assess your case. In some cases, we may decide you should see an oral surgeon.

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