lumineers patientLUMINEERS® are an exciting new way to give patients a whiter, straighter smile without the pain or expense of whitening treatments or orthodontic devices. LUMINEERS® are ultra-thin porcelain films, as thin as a contact lens, that fit perfectly over teeth creating a beautiful, flawless smile. So many people hide their teeth behind a ‘lippy’ smile because they are not confident with the discoloration of their teeth. LUMINEERS® are an excellent alternative for patients who may be put off by more extensive cosmetic dentistry.

In order for LUMINEERS® to be applied, the underlying teeth, bone and gums must be healthy.  If a patient suffers from tooth decay or damage, gum disease, or has had a recent root canal for infection, they must be treated before they can become candidates for LUMINEERS®. Unlike dental veneers, LUMINEERS® can be left in place for over 20 years or removed upon request to expose the intact original teeth.  LUMINEERS® can be fitted in just two appointments, making it a quick and easy way to brighten, whiten, and enhance the beauty of your smile!

Here are some of the issues that LUMINEERS® can solve:

  • Large gaps between the teeth.
  • Crooked teeth.
  • Uneven or misformed teeth.
  • Discolored teeth.
  • Uneven gums and teeth.
  • Unnatural-looking bridges and crowns.

Why would LUMINEERS® benefit me?

LUMINEERS® have many advantages over other treatments like whitening, braces, veneers or the like. One of the most popular reasons that LUMINEERS® have become so intriguing is because they don’t cause pain and can be placed without discomfort – eliminating anxiety for many dental phobes! Because the films themselves are no thicker than a contact lens, activities like eating, drinking, or speaking are not impacted.

Here are some of the other advantages of LUMINEERS®:

  • Longevity of nearly 20 years.
  • No harsh drilling of inner tooth mechanisms.
  • No injections.
  • No pain or discomfort.
  • Only two dental visits required.
  • Option to place multiple LUMINEERS® at one time.
  • Perfect, pearly-white teeth.
  • Thickness of a contact lens.
  • Totally reversible treatment.

Are LUMINEERS® strong enough?

LUMINEERS® are constructed from Cerinate® porcelain, which is known for its exceptional strength. Even though LUMINEERS® are thinner than dental veneers, they are less likely to break or chip. Additionally, Cerinate® porcelain can be color-modified and balanced. This means that different levels of opaqueness and translucency can be utilized.

How are LUMINEERS® applied to the teeth?

Unlike many cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures, LUMINEERS®  do not require that teeth be drilled down or filed before application. With veneers, many teeth might have to be permanently altered or drilled to ensure the best fit.  This means that patients can obtain a whiter, straighter smile without spending hours in a chair prepping the tooth or teeth – as is the case with most veneer treatments.

At your first appointment, the dentist will take bite impressions that are sent to a lab to be custom crafted. X-rays will also be taken to determine exactly how each tooth touches another and the layout of the mouth. The dentist will then examine the teeth to make sure there are no other dental issues that need to be treated prior to LUMINEERS®  application. Together, the dentist and patient choose the color of the LUMINEERS® and the desired level of transparency.  This is exciting for patients because they can choose how bright and white their smile will be without the unknown that comes from whitening trays or strips.

After the first appointment, patients will come back to their second appointment for the LUMINEERS® to be adhered to the teeth.  If bonding substance has oozed out from beneath the LUMINEERS®, this is carefully removed using a beveled featheredge margin.  Once the LUMINEERS® are in place, the dentist polishes them until they are completely smooth to prevent staining and bacteria build-up.

The LUMINEERS® are finally separated.  Up until this point, they are still attached where the bite impressions suggest teeth would naturally join. The treatment is now complete and a beautiful smile can be revealed!

If you have questions or concerns about LUMINEERS®, please contact our practice.

LUMINEERS® and Cerinate® are registered trademarks of Den-Mat Holdings LLC.

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