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Jarrell Family Dentistry loves to take care of patients of all ages! You don’t have to find a separate clinic for your children, we are excited to care for your whole family! Many children become afraid of the dentist at a young age, but our dental professionals are committed to making each appointment a comfortable, fun experience. We know how busy your family is, and that is why we offer easy scheduling to get your whole family seen in one visit!

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Starting habits young is the best way to help your child’s dental developmental success. You can begin brushing their teeth as early as when their very first baby tooth pops through! Setting the example by brushing twice every day will also help them learn how important it is to care for our teeth. Our Jarrell dentists recommend getting your child to their first dental appointment by age one, so we make it easy to schedule the appointment online.

Schedule Twice a Year Children’s Dentist Check-Ups

Ages 5-12 are crucial for a child’s dental development: this is the time they’ll begin to lose their baby teeth, as their full adult set comes in. It’s important to instill good oral hygiene before this time, to ensure your child is properly caring for the teeth they’ll use for the rest of their life! Regular dental appointments include a deep cleaning, which helps remove plaque and build-up from the areas your child may miss when brushing or flossing.

Not only are we committed to caring for your child’s teeth, but we love teaching your kids about proper techniques for brushing and flossing. During their routine dental checkups, we will take time to show them the best way to prevent those sugar bugs from forming and tips and tricks to get into a brushing routine. Keeping up with regular appointments can help the dentist in diagnosing space issues, bite corrections, orthodontic needs, gum diseases, etc. early on! Schedule appointments every 6 months to not only care for your child’s oral health but also emphasize the importance of preventative care and dental hygiene as a long-lasting value in your child’s life.

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